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 Steam holiday sale

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PostSubject: Steam holiday sale   Tue Dec 20, 2011 11:42 am

Well I did one for the summer sale,why not winter.


This is pretty sick really. The grand prize is...well grand. The chance of getting it is so low its rediculos,but I mean hell,why not give it a shot?


Complete those objectives and you`ll get a coal. We`ll,you can read it for yourlself on the details page posted above.
I`ll post the ones that are easy to do here for each day. Just like in the summer one. Are you excited? no? fuck off.

19th December
Check your inventory - you've got a gift! - A Mobius Achievement: simply go to your Steam Inventory and see what you got, then we give you something else just for looking for that.
(Didnt seem to work for me though,maybe I`ve been naughty this year.)

20th December
Spiral Knights
Son of a Nutcracker! - Hit an opponent with a snowball in Lockdown.
(spiral knight is a free game,so doing this should be possible if you bother. I wont though)

21th December
Join the 2011 Holiday Group - Years from now, you can look back and say "I was there. . ." with a wistful glint in your eye. Go to the Steam Community to see who’s already had too much eggnog.

22nd December
None today unless you have any of those games

23rd December

Get what you want – trade! - Go to your Friends List and make a trade! Games, coupons, coal. . .sorry, fruitcake doesn’t fit through our pipes. Read more about Steam Trading here.
(Easy if you have a premium copy of team fortress for example. If not I guess you can trade 1 coal,for another coal)
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Steam holiday sale
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